International Notarization ($75.00)
(Signers Located Outside Of The United States)

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Not all notaries can notarize a document for a signer who is physically located in other countries. However, we have commissioned notaries that can legally and virtually notarize documents for signers physically located outside of the US.

(Does not require US Citizenship or a Social Security number.)

How it works

– Follow the steps below depending on your desired signing method.


** An international notarization is not an apostille **
If you need your document internationally authenticated, use our Apostille Service option.

1. After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the name of your notary and a link to your virtual session.
2. During your meeting, you will need to show the notary your Photo ID and physically/digitally sign your documents on camera.
(Please have your ID ready and your document printed before the meeting.)
3. Lastly, Scan & Email the signed document to your notary.

Your notary will send your notarized document(s) back via email.


1. After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the name and email of your notary.
2. Reply to the confirmation with your unsigned document attached. If you have any additional signers or witnesses, also include a names and emails as well.
3. During your meeting, you will need to verify your Photo ID and Electronically Sign your documents.
4. Once all signers have signed, the notary will place his/her electronic seal on the document(s)

All signers will receive the final notarized copy via email once it is complete.

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