Document Apostille ($185.00)
(Wet Signatures & State Issued Documents)

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To ensure your documents are accepted internationally, we offer two convenient processes. The Apostille option is perfect for countries in the Hague Apostille Convention, while the Authentication process is designed for countries outside of this convention. Book an appointment today to get started!

Free domestic mailing within the United States.

Good Faith Estimate: 10-14 Business Days

Expedited Apostille service is available for time sensitive non-state issued documents.

How it works

If your document needs to be notarized, please follow the appropriate steps below.
Any questions? Send us an email at

1. Start by scheduling an appointment using the calendar below.
2. Next, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to your virtual session.
3. During the virtual session, show you ID and sign the document(s) on camera.
4. Once the session is complete, mail the physically signed document(s) to the address listed in your confirmation email.
5. Reply to your confirmation with your shipping address and contact number.
  • Examples: Power of Attorney, Single Status Affidavit, Diploma, etc.

A copy of government issued ID must be sent prior to the meeting via email for signer verification. Notary will also verify ID during the live meeting.


State documents do not require notarizations but may need to be certified by the County Clerk. (Marriage & Birth Certificates)

Federal documents may take up to 6 weeks. (FBI Background Check)

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