No More Waiting

Shorten the time it takes to complete your process!

Streamline your notarization process with LI Notary Services. Choose from our various online services and stop waiting for signatures and documents. Our simple, modern approach ensures a legally valid notarization in a timely manner, giving you the documentation you need quickly and efficiently.

Tailored Workflow Pages

Choose the specific services needed for your business.

At LI Notary Services, we collaborate with your team to design a process flow that suits your specific needs. Our services include tailored co-branded landing pages and expert notaries who are trained on the unique requirements of your documents, all to ensure the success of your business.

Bulk Rate Savings

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At LI Notary Services, we provide significant savings for companies that require notarization of ten or more documents per month through our volume discounts. You have the flexibility to choose who pays for the service – you can opt for an automatic charge at the beginning of each month or have your clients pay during the time of service.

Notarizations Status Tracking

ID Verification & Document Tracking

With LI Notary Services, you have access to a personalized enterprise dashboard that gives you an overview of all your customers’ notarization activities in real-time. You can easily track the progress of each transaction and identify any that were not completed, along with the reason for the failure, allowing you to take immediate action.