How It Works

1. Select a Service

Get started by selecting a service

Start by deciding if you like to get notarized online, in person, or perhaps you need an apostille?

2. Choose a date & time

Decide when you'd like to meet with a notary.

You'll need to let us know how many documents you need notarized, what form of notarization you desire and where are physically located.

3. Confirm your Appointment

Enter your payment details to confirm your appointment.

Rest-assured that our secure platform is backed by PayPal smart payments.

4. Attend your session

Verify ID & and sign.

During your virtual session, the first step is ID verification. This is either done visually by the notary or via a 3rd party. (Depending on which service you select)

View a list of acceptable IDs

After everyone's identity has been verified, all signers will either physically or electronically sign the document(s).

5. Notarized

All done!

Depending on your selected method of notarization, you will either be able to download your document directly after the session or we will email it to you.

Need physical signatures?

No problem!

Both our Remote/Online Notarization and International Notarization service options allow for physical signatures. Durign your session, just let your ntoary know that you need a physical copy and we will provide a mailing address to send your documents.

Once received, they will be notarized and sent to you recipient. (Shipping not included)